Full-Stack Software Developer

WIRIS math

In WIRIS we develop mathematical tools that can be integrated in other platforms, such as Moodle, Canvas or Blackboard among others.

One of our most popular tools is WIRIS EDITOR, a formula editor that allows teachers, students and publishers to write maths without any prior knowledge of LaTeX.

What do we need?

In the last years our company grew considerably and we need to incorporate more people in our teams. Currently we have two open positions:

  1. A developer for WIRIS EDITOR, someone with a solid experience in back-end technologies—mainly Java and/or C#—, since our product is offered as SaaS; as well as a strong knowledge in HTML5, CSS and pure javascript (we maintain our own framework), the core technology of the tool.
  2. A developer for WIRIS PLUGINS, the bridge between our products and the platforms where they are integrated. This position requires experience with back-end techonology (Java, C#, PHP, Ruby...) and front-end (HTML5, CSS and pure javascript). Experience developing plugins for different LMS (like Moodle or Canvas) or HTML editors (TinyMCE, CKEditor or Froala) will be really appreaciated.


What do we offer?

WIRIS has nearly 20 years of experience. We are a team of 24 people—mostly matematicians and software engineers—doing what we like while contributing to the educational field with new advancements in tools and technology.

The salary we offer for the commented positions goes from 23,000 €/year to 30,000 €/year based on experience.

Additionally, working in WIRIS has the following benefits:

  • Flexible timetable.
  • Free tea, coffee, yoghurt, snacks and fruit.
  • Casual, open space (no dress code).
  • Take a break whenever you want to drink some coffee or to play ping-pong in our rest room.
  • Health insurance/medical coverage with Sanitas, or the equivalent in restaurant tickets.
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